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About Us

Who Are We?

We are a contemporary church that is Biblically based, enjoys worship, the presence of the Holy Spirit and encourages spiritual growth and connection. There is a welcoming atmosphere and we look forward to meeting new people.

Drysdale Community Church has been active on the Bellarine Peninsula since the early 1980’s and has been located at 276 – 290 Jetty Road since 1995. The church was on the outskirts of Drysdale, but time has seen the town grow and soon wrap around the church property.

Vision + Mission

“Drysdale Community Church, church in the community, community in the church; living the Gospel to influence lives and change worlds”

We believe that the church exists to express the love and reality of God to the community around it.

We believe in living the message of Jesus Christ in our daily lives, in other words, doing it and not just talking about it.

We believe that church should be a place that is lively, relevant, multi-generational, a place where we can find help to face life issues, be welcoming and accepting, and a place that impacts and adds value and direction to people’s lives.

We see the church being in the community, loving, caring, serving. We see community in the church; people from the community coming in and finding a real sense of community.

Meet Our Pastors

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Statement Of Faith

Senior Pastor, Jake Hogendoorn is married to Gayle who is also a Pastor and Counsellor and is currently ministering in School Chaplaincy. They love life and love spending time with family, and together have three married daughters and six grandchildren.

Arriving in Drysdale to lead the church in 1998, Jake and Gayle see the church as a place where people of all generations support and encourage each other, and work together for the cause of the gospel in an atmosphere that is safe, welcoming and non-judgmental.

Jake and Gayle have a passion to see the church connect with and serve the local community, in this way sharing the love of Jesus Christ and seeing people come to faith. For this reason, the church has established a Foodbank, two Second Chance Op Shops, and a Counselling Centre so that people can be met at their point of need and practical assistance can be offered. As well as local mission, Jake and Gayle have a heart for overseas mission, and have both led teams on numerous short term missions trips to Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka.

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Drysdale Community Church is a member church of the CRC Churches International, which was established in 1945 and now has a growing number of churches in Australia and internationally.

Click here to view the CRC Churches International statement of faith.

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